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What we do at Forest School Catalunya. 

At Forest School Catalunya we work with schools to bring learning back to where it all began: nature. We help schools raise children's awareness of the importance of being out in nature. We help children recognise that achievement in the classroom is only part of the journey to becoming well rounded happy people. 


We have been guiding and mentoring children for over 15 years.


We help children learn through guided play and discovery.


We work with schools and teachers to find new ways to teach and learn with children.

We are educators. 


With over 15 years of experience in education, we at Forest School Catalunya are committed to helping children and young people develop into the most well rounded people they can be. We take the vast range of skills and education experience we have attained and use them to deliver to children enriching and empowering experiences in nature.

We are collaborators. 

 At Forest School Catalunya we actively seek out collaboration with schools and organisations that are passionate about nature and learning. We work with schools to give children the opportunity to experience a different approach to learning which works in harmony with their daily school life. We aim to provide opportunities for learning and personal development that children can bring back to the classroom and that will benefit their school experience. 

We are leaders. 

 Forest School leaders guide children through the process and experience of the sessions they take part in. Children see us as the people who support them in their own self-directed exploration of the natural space. Their interactions with others and their growing understanding of themselves are at the heart of our ethos as leaders. We are not there to set rules or dictate what they can or should do. We are there to help them and guide them in finding the best ways to do what they think or feel they can and should do.  

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