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Forest School Programs

Forest School programs are a series of regular sessions in a natural space and are designed to run over weeks or months. The objective of the program is to bring children back to nature to develop their cognitive, emotional and physical abilities. 

What does a Forest School program look like?

Forest School is an immersive experience delivered as a series of regular sessions over weeks, months or the entire school year. The children are taken to the forest in groups and spend a couple of hours doing activities such as exploring, tackling challenges like building shelter and using tools and materials found in the forest to create and build their own world of adventure and play. They work together and support each other in developing their emotional, cognitive and interpersonal skills.  


What are the benefits?


Forest School is for everyone it is not just for those children who find the day-to-day school environment challenging to work within; All children and people benefit from the opportunities that Forest School Catalunya provides. There are opportunities to learn in a new context with classmates, friends and soon-to-be friends. 

Activities for all ages. 

Forest School is a dynamic learner-led process. Our Forest School leaders guide children through a range of challenging, fun activities from forest exploration, arts and crafts, practical tool using skills to shelter building and basic outdoor survival skills such as fire making. 


Forest School Catalunya recommends at least an hour and a half of forest school experience per session. This means sessions can fit in easily with the children's school timetables, whether during school hours or after school as an extra curricular activity.  


Safe guarding. 

Forest School Catalunya is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all children who participate. Our forest school leaders have completed all required background checks for working with children and have completed the required 16 hour Outdoor First Aid training.

Where does it happen?


Forest School Catalunya is adaptable enough to work for any school context. All that is needed is access to a natural space, a large city park would even work. Forest School Catalunya will recommend the ideal locations available to your school whatever the context. We will carry out dynamic risk assessments that take into account the changeable conditions that working outside in nature brings and we ensure a safe environment for all participants.

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