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Our Project

Forest School Catalunya´s mission is to work with schools to bring an invaluable element and context to children´s education and development. We take learning outside and back to nature. We work with children of all ages to develop the skills we all know are vital for creating happy, well-rounded people for the future. In Forest School Catalunya we work with the natural resources of the forest to set challenges that help children become the kind of problem solving, emphatic, resilient, self aware young adults we all want them to be.

Encouraging independence. 

Forest School Catalunya achieves its aim of helping children to develop into independent, resilient learns by taking them into a different environment: the forest. In the forest we are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Here we have the opportunity to be free and explore. We are encouraged to overcome the challenges of the natural space we find ourselves in. It is in being aware of our limitations, facing up to them and overcoming them that our sense of independence and resilience grow. 

In Forest School we are required to communicate and work together in meaningful and real life ways. In order to work with others to create or solve anything, we need to learn how to speak and listen to each other. In Forest School Catalunya we focus on the HOW. How do we work together? How do we communicate? How do we listen? How do we encourage and support each other? 

Building relationships and communication. 

Bringing it back home. 

Having experienced real life challenges of being independent, communicating effectively and participating in hands on, 3 dimensional learning in the forest, we aim for children to take those positive life lessons back to their schools and homes.  

Empowering children for their future.

By setting children challenges and boundaries, we encourage them to think about their limitations and how to overcome them. This is how empowered people deal with real-life problems. 

Learning to work together.

Working together and learning from each other are skills that take time and practice to master. In Forest School children are challenged with activities that require the help and support of other. It is through these types of authentic interactions with others that children become skilled team players. 

What we do at Forest School Catalunya.
Our methods and why they work.

What we offer

Give your children and teachers the joy of experiencing outdoor and forest school education.

Forest School

We deliver a bespoke series of outdoor forest school sessions to groups of children of all ages. 

Teacher Training

We design and deliver outdoor education courses to teachers of all profiles and contexts. 

School trips

We organise and run day and multiple day outdoor education school trips.

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